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Apple Eco-Cleaning

Apple Eco-Cleaning was founded by a group of low-income women workers from Jackson Heights and Williamsburgh who against odds have found a way to organize themselves in the quest for a better job, better treatment and eventually a better quality of life. This unique green cleaning business model is based on social responsibility, environmental justice, and collective ownership.

In order to achieve our mission; empower women day laborers to gain a voice at the workplace and create democratic economic alternatives, we focus on four core pillars.

Promote the use of non-toxic, biodegradable and organic derived cleaning agent to help protect the health of our clients, our own and our environment
  Guarantee a High-Quality Green Cleaning that combines best sustainable methods with accredited professional experience

Create Green, Healthy and Sustainable Cleaning Jobs with dignified working conditions and a living wage
  Build Leadership through education, collective ownership and participation

One Response to “About”

  1. Eduardo Huizar said

    Saludos, soy periodista de Ciudad Juárez y me da mucho gusto que se apoyen y se organicen como mujeres mexicanas que son.

    Leí su historia en el Internet y me da orgullo poder publicar los esfuerzos que hacen en un medio de comunicación ubicado en la frontera de El Paso, Texas y Ciudad Juárez.

    Sigan adelante con sus entusiasmo para mejorar la situación de sus familias.

    Eduardo Huizar

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