Apple Eco-Cleaning Making News

    1. Cool Green Mag: Lemonade Out of Lemons: Out-of-Work Day Laborers Open Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service in NYC:”the cooperative is focused on reducing workplace toxics and abides by core pillars
    2. The New York Times:  Two of our founding members were feature making its own cleaning products, forgoing harsh chemicals for ingredients like lemon juice, glycerin, borax and fruit oils,”From a Brooklyn Street Corner, a Women’s Cleaning Cooperative Grows by Nadia Sussman
    3. The New York Times:The group is using its environmentally conscious approach,” Cleaning Together to Escape Day Labor by Nadia Sussman
    4. WireNews: “Women Day Laborers Become Professional Housekeeper.”
    5. Associated Press: NY women day laborers organize for better working conditions, dignify wage and for a greener economy. More details read “NY Jornaleras Organizan Mejores Condiciones.”
    6. American Worker Cooperative News: Apple Eco-Cleaning Members joined 2011 Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy. Read “Connect Democratic Workplace
    7. Jornaleros News: founding members of Apple Eco-Cleaning Cooperative members joined for first time the 2011 Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy in Baltimore, Maryland to share strategies and learn new tools for organizing and building capacity of cooperative workplaces. Read “Building a Green and Grassroots Economy”
    8. El Diario: Apple Eco-Cleaning Cooperative members believes in the right of workers to earn a Living Wage, rather than just a minimum wage. Furthermore, we believes everyone deserves access to healthy, dignified work, and to not be forced into underpaid jobs with hazardous conditions. More details read “Exigimos Reforma y Respeto”
    9. Univision: Apple Eco-Cleaning Members joined the May 1st rally in solidarity to all workers to demand justice for all,
    10. New York Times: Low wage immigrant workers and members struggle to stitch. Read more about a “Struggling to Stitch,” a look inside New York’s garment industry, where day laborers are hard pressed to find paying jobs.

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  1. jhony said

    felicidadez.. pa ” lante companeras

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